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A free PMP exam prep course.

The course is designed to supercharge your PMP exam preparation with games, flashcards and 100+ questions. This course is aligned with latest PMP exam and current PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO) 2022.

Course Goals

This free PMP exam prep course will help you achieve following.

  • Increase your understanding of various difficult and complex terms in PMBOK
  • Let you experience time based exam simulator
  • Take away your fear of inputs, tools and techniques and outputs of tens of project management processes
  • Keep your learning simple through games
  • Engage your more in preparation rather than reading a book

  • Audience

    This free PMP exam prep course is designed for following professionals :

    Those who are preparing for PMP exam or want to get started with PMP.

    Topics Covered

  • Detailed description of PMBOK definitions and terms including Agile
  • Inputs, outputs , tools and technique of every process in PMBOK
  • Get a good taste of exam questions covering all topics of exam content

  • Requirements

    This free PMP exam prep course has no special requirement

    Really ! Nothing special. Let's dive straight in.

    Instructor Python, Data Analytics, PMP


    A senior executive with more than 15 years of techno-functional experience in ICT domain, expert in business intelligence and data analytics, result-oriented, supporting in data driven informed strategic decision-making, making various transformation initiatives successful, well-experienced in managing global vendors and contractors, exhibits servant leaderships while leading teams, innovation champion, business consulting, expert in managing cross-functional projects and diverse business stakeholders, author of various articles in advanced analytics and AI, contributor to project management standards, experience of working in many transformational programs in leading role, hands-on technical expert on digitization / digitalization/ digital transformation, automation and AI (artificial intelligence) as well as a researcher by passion.

    Know more about the instructor on LinkedIn here: Hafiz Shahid Umar

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    What you will get upon completion

    Upon completion of this free PMP exam prep course, you will be super charged for exam

  • Familiarity and understanding of various definitions and terms
  • Knowledge about Inputs, outputs , tools and technique of every process in PMBOK
  • Get a good taste of exam questions covering all topics of exam content
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