1- Introduction
2- Python Basic
3- Learning Python
4- Python Literals
5- Arithmetic operators
6- Function INPUT() and STRING operations
7- Comparison Operators and Conditions
8- Loops in Python
9- Logic and bit operators
10- Lists and Arrays in Python
11- Functions
12- Tuples, Dictionaries
13- Conclusion
14- Practice Exams

L1.3 Certification Overview

What is PCEP ?

PCEP is an entry level professional credential that will award you a professional certificate of Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer. This certification measures your ability to accomplish coding tasks related to essentials of python programming language. This certification is offered by pythoninstitute.org

Following topics will appear on the certification exam

  • Universal concepts of computer programming concepts like data types, containers, functions, conditions and loops
  • The syntax and semantics of the Python language
  • The run time environment
  • The skills in resolving typical implementation challenges with the help of the Python Standard Library

Why you should get certified ?

  • Becoming PCEP certified stands you apart from the crowd,
  • increase chances of getting a job or a promotion
  • A proof of your professional knowledge in python programming.
  • Start your career as software developer, software engineer, and application developer

How many Python certifications are there?

There are three certification pathways offered by python institute.

  • CPEP : Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer. This is an entry level certification. There is only one exam. This course on edilume will help you prepare for this exam
  • PCAP: Certified Associate in Python Programming. This is the next certification level after entry level. There is only one exam
  • PCPP: Certified Certified Expert in Python Programming. You need to pass two exams to earn this credential.

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