Lesson 5.1 Displaying graphics


Welcome to section five lesson one.

Let’s get started with an overview of section five. In this section we will be focusing on Creating and Using Graphics. The lessons in this section will explain how to display graphics, when to use graphics and some guidelines related to visuals.

So let’s get started with the first lesson. In this lesson we will be focusing on displaying graphics. knowing how best to showcase graphics is an art. some people just have a natural ability while others have to learn. if you are here it means you need to learn.

When deciding on which graphic to display you have to first decide which story you want to tell. Then you can choose a graphic that will help tell that story.

For example the use of line graphs is appropriate when you need to demonstrate a measurement over time, such as inflation rates. This helps to show trends and relationships between different variables. If you are unable to find a line graph through web searches you can create your own with popular spreadsheet applications such as excel that let you create very elaborate line graphs

Tables are a great way to summarize a vast amount of information. Again use Excel to create eloborate tables. Once created your readers can simply glance at your table to get an idea of the information contained in there. For example when writing my thesis I was able to summarize my literature review in tabular form.

Pie charts are a great way to show how an entity is divided up into sub-entities. A common example is marketshare. For example if we are interested in the used car market in Pakistan we woould want to see how that market is divided up by the various manufacturers. Meaning which percentage belongs to toyota, nissan, honda etc.

another common graphic is flowcharts. use of flowcharts are essential when you want to visually guide your reader through a complex process or workflow. for example if you want to explain how a stock is traded the use of a flowchart is a good idea as you can illustrate the various phases a stock goes through as it passes from seller to buyer. this would be a hard thing to explain with just text.

So that’s it. We have come to the end of this lesson. To summarize we learnt How to display graphics. See you in the next lesson.

Table / Grid


Pie Chart


Line Chart


Flow Chart
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