Lesson 6.1: Understanding concept mapping


Welcome to section six lesson one.

Let's get started with an overview of section six. In this section we will be focusing on Researching in Technical Workplaces. The lessons in this section will explain how to think with a research based mindset. this includes appraising evidence and learning other research techniques.

So let's get started with the first lesson. In this lesson we will be focusing on how to Understanding concept mapping. The first thing to remember is that you don't have all the answers. in those cases you will need to do research. in the technical workplace research is needed for purely practical reasons.

When starting your research you will be using two different types of sources. Either primary sources which are your own observations. Or secondary sources which are the observations of others. These secondary sources can typically be found in research articles and other trade journals.

You will typically educate yourself on your research topic by first consulting secondary sources. read as much as you can on the topic so that you have a good understanding.

Once you have done that you will begin to map out your research problem. This is a lot like logical mapping. Where the central idea has sub ideas and then further subdivisions. But in this case we are making a concept map which will aid you in your research.

Once you have done this you will also need to come up with an angle. That is which angle of your research problem are you most interested in. If you are in the technical workplace you may be researching the best technology to adopt for a project. In this case you will need to have a good understanding of the requirements and the environment in which the product will operate in.

So that's it. We have come to the end of this lesson. To summarize we learnt about concept mapping. See you in the next lesson.






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