Who are we?

We are on a mission to illuminate people’s lives through our e-learning platform, the Edilume.  

Based out of Canada, Edilume offers wide range of courses on various disciplines. From students to experience professionals, from innovators to entrepreneurs we will have something for all of them.  

The best part is most of the course are absolutely FREE. The paid courses will also be extremely affordable for pockets of all sizes.

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A Comprehensive e-Learning Platform

We offer range of short courses for our audience. From students to experience professional and from entrepreneurs to innovator and educators, we have something for all. The best part is the quality and uniqueness of the course.

At edilume we ensure spending ample time during course production to provide you high quality content reflecting the latest in the market. We offer courses in all languages to become a more inclusive e-learning platform

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Early Career Start For Students

Youth typically their career late, waiting to complete graduation or masters. They don’t start earning before 25-26 years

edilume will provide students with an opportunity to learn practical skills & tools before graduation to start earning at an early stage.

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Highly Productive Graduates from Day Zero

Image shorter probation periods! Years are taken for a graduate to be productive at work. They need to spend time learning tools, commercial products and soft skills like time management, leadership , product innovation and this slows down company growth as well as overall industry’s growth.

edilume will provide courses on professional & commercial tools for graduates to become productive at work from day zero. Shorter probation periods!

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Career Path Mapping to in-demand skills

Only a handful of Professionals know about trending careers and new skills-in-demand while majority is unaware.

edilume will provide clear career path for professional roles and necessary skills that are required to land on their dream role by providing career path mapping to in-demand skills.

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Most accessible Innovation & R&D

New tools, technologies, methodologies and products being rolled out globally and its imperative that learners remain aware of latest in innovation and R&D.

edilume will provide worldwide accessibility on latest in innovations and R&D through our partnerships with academia and industry

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