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Start from foundational course and end up with mastery course to achieve your master certificate on technical writing.  All courses are free.

Misbah Noreen
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It is an outstanding course and I get much of knowledge from this course and also suggest to others for taking this course. Thanks.
Saba Tariq
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Very informative course.. Thank you
Abdul Salam
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Very informative and helpful.
Afaq Ahmad
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I have learnt from this course how to work in team.
Farheen shafiq
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It's an amazing experience with you
Faisal Irshad
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Very well delivering of lectures
Saqib Sadiq

Saqib Sadiq

Saqib Sadiq is the instructor for these courses and he designed them especially for you so you can can start your career as a technical writer or be a better technical writer.
Saqib Sadiq has completed his BSC in software development from The university of Huddersfield. He is currently working as instructor in one of the leading academic institutes in Pakistan. He has the privilege of working with his students over the past 3 years. He is able to bring his wealth of knowledge and industry experience into the classroom. This allows students to benefit from what he has learned over the years. When attend his course, you will always feel more inspired and informed.

While learning technical writing, you can always reach out to him for any question and he will respond promptly.

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