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The course provides an understanding as well as practical ways to reduce stress. If you are willing to create something with the help of the law of attraction, stress would become a stumbling block between you & your desires. This is not a cure or alternative medicine or treatment, but a complimentary way that will help reduce your stress levels.

Course Goals

No one can eliminate stress but there is always a way to deal with it. The course will help you reduce stress to the minimum possible level provided you are religiously following the techniques.


This course is useful for :

  • People who find it difficult to apply the law of attraction.
  • Those who feel that stress is bothering their life.

    If you have some serious medical, psychological and/or mental issues, please consult your Doctor. This course is not for you.

  • Topics Covered

  • How to eliminate stress
  • Highest Level of Compassion
  • Stress is always bad
  • Stress is eating up your Life
  • Stress comes from within
  • Reducing Stress will not affect your performance
  • Assessment & Acceptance
  • Accountability

  • The Art of Saying NO
  • Balanced Diet
  • Complete Sleep
  • Back Counting
  • Theta Level Meditation
  • Be Present & Count Your Achievements
  • Count Your Blessings
  • Flexibility
  • Feelings of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Intimacy

  • Requirements

    No special requirements for this course. People who want to develop or change their life/personality can opt this course to reduce stress & attract anything in their life.

    Happiness and success course instructor


    Mr. Burair Ali is an experienced content strategist, skilled in Team Building, Research, Management, Teamwork, and Project Planning. He also has strong entrepreneurship skills and hold a master degree in commerce with a focus on business/commerce. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here Burair Ali Hussain Alvi. He runs a YouTube Channel as well here. His website is Burair Ali Hussain

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    What you will get upon completion

    You will get a complete understanding of how to manage stress in your life.

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