Creating a profile on Fiverr & Finding work

Fiverr Workspace (formerly AND.CO) is a business management software designed to help freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and SMBs get organized, get business, and get paid. With its full suite of business management tools, Fiverr Workspace is your one-stop app for time tracking, invoicing, payments, proposals, contracts, task management, and income & expense tracking. 

To streamline your work, our unique technology intelligently integrates each aspect of your business management efforts so that you can eliminate inefficiencies across your business operations.

“Our automated technology & intuitive tools take care of the small stuff so, you can focus on what matters.”

1- How to create a profile?

  1. Fiverr’s Terms of Service require that all users be at least 18 years of age and legal age to form a binding contract. Users under 18 years use their guardian account only. The steps to make a profile on Fiverr are the following:
  2. Click join from the right top on Fiverr’s homepage.
  3. Add your Email address & then click on continue.

Note: Either you can also join with Facebook, Google Connect, and Apple Connect.

        4. Add username!

Notes: - Once you've successfully created your account, your username can't be changed. - Your username is your display name (and is within your Fiverr URL), so think long and hard, and choose wisely!

        5. Add your password & join.

        6. You are successfully registered to Fiverr! In your registered email you receive an email to activate your account.

Note: The activation link in the email is only valid for 30 days.

         7. The activation email from Fiverr! Click on Activate.

2- How to create a Seller account?

Note! If you created your account on the mobile app, you will need to complete this step on your desktop.

  1. Select ‘become a seller’ from the dropdown menu after clicking on your profile photo.
  2. To start the onboarding process, you are redirected to click on ‘become a seller.’ Here you watch 3 videos on How to use Fiverr as a seller that is now on your screen.
  3. After this you’ll be directed to Fiverr’s tips on What makes a successful Fiverr profile and what to steer clear of as a seller. Then click 
  4. Now, complete the mandatory fields. Fill your onboarding honestly & accurately with the information regarding your work experience, skills, and training. (Remember the more accurate and detailed information you add, the better your seller profile will be.)
  5. You can choose to link your account on other social channels.

Note: Taking the time to verify and link your accounts can upgrade your credibility and help us provide you with more business. Don’t worry, your information is and always will remain private.

         6. For safety, your phone is required to verify your account.

         7. To offer your services the final step is ‘to create a Gig.’ (It’s an opportunity to show off your talent & providing the information to your buyers that helps them to decide to do business with you.)

Note! Creating your Gig is only possible through your desktop.

3- How to find work?

Fiverr.com always encourages professionalism and your profile is how you present yourself to the community of freelancing.

Guide to use on mobile:

  • Enable your account through the desktop.
  • Now, you can open the app on your mobile.
  • To the bottom right of the screen click on the account icon.
  • Switch between buyer and seller modes using the toggle at the top of the page by turning seller mode on/off. 

To start selling here are few tips:

a) Your video introduces service as a way to attract your buyers.

b) Different offering bundles services to sell on your Gig page. A great choice to push your order.

c) Value high.

d) Monetizing your Gig that maximizes your revenue by using Gig extras before, during, and after an order.

e) Sending custom offers enables you to be proactive and offer your customized services to potential buyers.

In conclusion, Fiverr workplace https://www.fiverr.com/ is an app to streamline your work. You need to pick the most profitable Gigs on Fiverr. However, its unique technology intelligently integrates each aspect of your business management efforts so that you can eliminate inefficiencies across your business operations. 

It impacts nearly every facet of the job market, challenging companies to address ever-evolving talent requirements which are becoming increasingly specialized. 

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