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Here is the proven success formula that will get you the job, you have been struggling to get all this time.


The formula of success entails getting your dream job is faster and easier.

There is no faster way to get the job you badly need than to work with specialists who exactly know how to do it right, the first time.​


Double and triple your chances of getting an interview call and accelerate the journey towards the getting the job you deserve. 

Writing Services

Writing is a specialized skill.

If you believe you don't need it and you know the best about you then we want you to reconsider this thinking as there is much more to it. Our specialists crafts your career story through keywords enrichments and more.

Interview Preparation

This is the moment.

After all the efforts, if stars don't shine what's the whole point? There is a lot more preparation required than most people think. Our e-guide is the way to go with sample answers to many difficult questions.

Job & Career Coaching

There is more than just getting the job.

Productivity, efficiency, promotion, dealing with difficulties at work. there is whole world out there. Our exclusive career coaching club is the solution to anything you face at work place.


Don’t feel lost, depleted and depressed. Our well-experienced certified CV writers and career consultants have helped hundreds of professionals and executives in getting the job they wanted. 


You are unique and so are your accomplishments, goals, objectives and challenges. Choose the experience class from below what best describes you and we will ensure you get the most exclusive, bespoke solution that will be as unique as you are.


That is not absolutely true.

Over 70% of applications fail to pass ATS without being read by a hiring manager just because your CV is not ATS-compliant.

That's partially true.  Template won't land you an interview. There is a whole science behind cv writing and while filling your experience and qualifications, only the specialists know what works and what doesn't.

That's not absolutely true.  In fact, some styling and graphics are not accepted by online portals and some ATS software can just mess the whole thing up and your CV appears to recruiters as all messy. You don't want that. Do you?

That's not entirely correct. It's just the formatting they provide. You shouldn't take the risk of losing your future job just because your cv is formatted by an online software or by an algorithm. Who vetted your CV?

Content in the CV matters more than the formatting. Let us develop your personalized career story with the help of specialist writers.

Our end to end career coaching services has no match. From CV writing to cover letter, from LinkedIn profile optimization to interview preparation, from being productive on new job to handling issues and challenges at work, we work with you side by side to craft your successful career story.

Perhaps you are right but there is much more to it. 

No matter how fantastic you believe your CV is, there will always be something missing due to which you are not getting the interview call.

For example? do you have a great inspiring career summary? Do you even need a career summary? Do you know what exactly recruiters are looking for ? What can turn them off immediately and they stop reading ? Do you know how to cover employment history gaps?

You don't need to break your head with these things. Our consultants will work with you, one on one, to curate a cohesive, comprehensive and great CV.

Well, it varies from a job to a job. If a job requires you to do so, then you definitely need one. Our consultants will write one for you with just the right content that the hiring manger or the recruiter is expecting.

Most of the recruiters or hiring managers recruit through LinkedIn especially for urgent hires. If your LinkedIn profile is not professionally created and optimized to your target job and career, your profile will never appear in their search results. Hiring through LinkedIn is quite trendy these days so don't miss your chance of appearing on the top of their search results. We know how to do it.

No problems.  We wish you best of luck.  If you see yourself struggling for the job you need, facing difficulty in getting interview calls, putting too much writing effort on your cv or LinkedIn profile without any results, getting nervous for an upcoming interview or facing challenges at work, REMEMBER we @ edilume are here to help. Chat with us if you wish to using the chat option.

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