The Art of Achieving anything in your Career & Life

Burair Ali Hussain Alvi , M.Com, Mind Sciences Enthusiast
Transform your career & life to your desired level by pursuing Happiness & understanding law of attraction
The Art of Achieving anything in your Career & Life-Person
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40 min

Course length



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Course Description

The course enables anyone to achieve Happiness and success in their life. Your happiness could be in monetary value or in a specific relationship. It is designed to make you understand about the natural laws. You must put these laws into practice to experience transformation in your life and career. Watch & listen carefully and apply the techniques to get desired achievements you ever wish for.

Course Goals

After this course you will be able to learn the following.

  • Achieve anything without inflicting harm.
  • Happiness; one of the powerful tools that leads towards accomplishment.
  • The power of law of attraction.
  • About the wrong concepts & myths about law of attraction.

  • Audience

    Anyone who wants to bring a positive change and/or transform his/her life through Happiness using the law of attractions

    Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the course
  • Who am I & why am I doing this?
  • What are you going to learn from this course?
  • What can you expect from this course?
  • How to change future?
  • Other Dimensions
  • You are a vibrational frequency
  • What is LOA?
  • Necessities to achieve happiness.
    1. Decision making
    2. Goal setting
    3. Journaling
    4. Visualization method
    5. Action
  • Great people talking about the law
  • What is the limit to manifestation
  • Myths
  • Prerequisites
  • Reference

  • Requirements

    No requirements for this course. Only the right mindset who are does Only those can benefit from the course who:

    1. Are doers.
    2. Take necessary action towards goal.
    3. Want to develop or change their life/personality.

    Happiness and success course instructor


    He is an experienced content strategist, skilled in Team Building, Research, Management, Teamwork, and Project Planning. He also has strong entrepreneurship skills and hold a master degree in commerce with a focus on business/commerce. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here Burair Ali Hussain Alvi. He runs a Youtube Channel as well here

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    What you will get upon completion

    Practical guide & techniques that lead towards your ultimate goal/s in your career & life

    Course Ratings & Reviews

    The Art of Achieving anything in your Career & Life-Person
    (3 Ratings)
    3.33 out of 5 stars

    5 star 33%
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    3 star 33%
    2 star 33%
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