Mastering Agile and Scrum

Sarfaraz Shaikh, MBA-MIS, CISA, PMP, ITIL, ITSM
Agile Scrum from A to Z: Learn about Agile methodology, Scrum fundamentals, complete concepts and Agile Scrum tools. Learn how successful project teams implement it.
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Agile and scrum course
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Course Description

In this agile scrum course we will learn you will learn about:

  • The key concepts of Agile Development, Agile Project Delivery and Agile Project Management.
  • The meaning of user stories, daily stand-ups, retrospectives and kanban boards.
  • The differences between Agile and traditional project delivery (other methodologies).
  • Master the different Scrum tools.
  • Master the Scrum values, Scrum principles and pillars.
  • Master the Scrum framework and Agile mindset, even if you know nothing now.

    With all above knowledge, you will be able to launch great products and apps faster.

  • Course Goals

    After completing this course on agile and scrum, you will gain enough knowledge to deliver your projects in agile way, delivering value to your customers, plan better and roll out great products faster and quicker.

    You will be able to progress your career into following roles.

  • Project Manager
  • Professional Scrum Master
  • Agile and Scrum Practitioner
  • Agile and Scrum trainer
  • Agile coach

  • Audience

    This course on agile scrum will help from newbies/Freshers/Students to experienced professionals. Anyone in the role of project manager, business analysts, entrepreneur and trainer will also get significant value and useful knowledge from the course. Generally speaking, anyone who is part of a project team will get huge benefit out of this course.

    Topics Covered

    Following is covered in this course of agile and scrum.

  • Agile Principles
  • Scrum and sprint ceremonies
  • Scrum process phases
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Benefits of using Scrum
  • Agile Estimation
  • Agile Estimation Techniques
  • Agile transformation

  • Requirements

    No pre-requisites, a basic understanding of project management would be helpful.


    Sarfaraz Shaikh has been working in the field of IT for over 13 years. He is CISA, PMP, ITIL V3 and Microsoft certified himself. His area of expertise is IT Project Management and IT Service Management and he has worked in multiples domains like IT Service-providers, manufacturing, FMCG, accountancy and consultancies. He has also been working as an in-house and a consultant trainer.

    You can reach him on LinkedIn here: Sarfaraz Shaikh

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    What you will get upon completion

    After completing this course on agile and scrum, you will get the complete knowledge on agile and scrum discipline. After course completion, you can also get a course certificate for a fee that you can show to your prospective or current employer to demonstrate your proof of competency and skill on this subject.

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