Blockchain Foundations

Fizza Riaz, Blockchain Enthusiast, MSc (Hons)
In just under an hour, learn all about this revolutionary technology of Blockchain
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This Blockchain fundamentals course covers the basics of Blockchain technology which is the next big thing after the boom of internet. Blockchain technology has already taken its root into crypto currency, web 3.0 and DAOs. In this course, you will kick start your journey on learning this amazing futuristic technology that will shape our world beyond our imaginations. This course will give you all what you need to learn about the basics of this technology and more.

Course Goals

This Blockchain fundamentals course aims to provide you necessary knowledge about Blockchain concept, terminologies, how Blockchain works and many use cases in various industries. You will understand the basics and beyond that will shift your thinking towards this amazing revolutionary technology and the wonders it has brought so far and its capabilities to do more. You will also learn about challenges in Blockchain implementations and even learn how a voting system can be transformed using Blockchain technology.


This Blockchain fundamentals course is for everyone. Students, IT folks, technology lovers, leaders, managers , you name it. Everyone will get a fair idea about what is Blockchain, advantages of Blockchain and use cases of Blockchain so they can go back and start exploring what's more out there.

Topics Covered

In this course of Blockchain fundamentals, you will learn following topics

  • What is Blockchain
  • how Blockchain works
  • Blockchain advantages
  • Terminologies in Blockchain
  • Blockchain use cases
  • Voting system on Blockchain
  • Challenges in Blockchain implementation
  • Cloud platform offering Blockchain Solutions

  • Requirements

    There are no specific requirements for this Blockchain fundamentals course


    Fizza Riaz is a Blockchain enthusiast. Learning, reading and working on Blokchain and Cryptocurrencies is her passion. This course is carefully compiled by her in order to share with the world the benefits and marvels this technology is going to bring.

    Contact her on LinkedIn here: Fizza Riaz

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