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In this course of data warehousing, Big data and Business Intelligence, we will learn about the fundamental of Data Warehouse and BI systems. Starting with definitions and Key characteristics of OLTP, DWH, BI, Big Data systems; the course will take you through a smooth ride about the key components and various layers of these modern data processing systems.
Later in the course we’ll browse through the architectural differences of OLTP, DWH and Big Data Systems. Towards the end the course shares an overview of Cloud base Data Processing technologies that are facilitated by the leading Cloud Service providers like AWS, Oracle and MS Azure.
The concluding section contains a job market analysis which indicates the usefulness of learning the DWH & BI technologies and skills for getting your dream job in the world of Data.
This course is an associate level course. Specialized courses on Oracle Analytics Server, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle DWH Design & Architect will be launched soon so you become a certified specialist or a certified consultant in these domains.
The course is delivered using hybrid digital learning approach using video and text lessons.

Course Goals

After taking this course of data warehousing, Big data and Business Intelligence, learners will get a brief exposure to modern data processing systems of the era i.e. Data Warehouse, BI, Big Data, Data Lake, Delta Lake and Data Processing in various cloud service providers. From the course, the middle and senior management can also gain insights on categories of specific data processing environments and the newbies will get significant knowledge about the various underlying technologies which are in high demand in the job market across the globe.


This course of data warehousing, Big data and Business Intelligence will help :

  • Newbies
  • Entry-level professionals
  • Middle management
  • Senior management
  • Any IT professional interested in the data and analytics domain

  • Topics Covered

    In this course of data warehousing, Big data and Business Intelligence, following topics are covered.

  • Introduction to DWH, Big Data and BI
  • Database and OLTP systems
  • Introduction and Characteristics of Data Warehouse
  • DWH Solution Design
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • 4 V’s of Big Data
  • Big Data Platform
  • Data Lake, Delta Lake, Data Pipeline
  • Difference between OLTP, DWH and Big Data
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Solution Design
  • DWH, Big Data and BI on Cloud
  • Cloud Platforms for Data Processing
  • Cloud Solutions Architecture
  • Example of DWH, BI and Big Data Applications
  • Benefits of DWH/BI for an organization
  • Career Options and Job market analysis and much more

  • Requirements

    There is no special requirement for this course of of data warehousing, Big data and Business Intelligence


    Abdul Mannan is a certified professional in Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata and Oracle Cloud with a degree in computer science. He is a Corporate & Professional Trainer of Data Warehouse technologies, Business Intelligence (BI) systems and Database Systems. He is enriched with experience of managing complex data life cycle; which includes several BI Systems residing on petabyte of modern storage, The BI systems are processing billions of records through multiple concurrent ETL Jobs (using Oracle ETL, SAS, Big Data Tools) on daily basis. Mannan has more than 20 years of experience across leading organizations. He is an exceptional consultant in Oracle Database Management, MS SQL Server, SQL, SAS, ODI, OBIEE, OAS, ETL/ELT, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS. He has designed and implemented Backup and Recovery solution. He has worked on Performance Optimization of production systems. He designed Disaster Recovery and High availability procedures for business continuity. He has successfully delivered important assignments with diversified clients, including World Bank, Ericsson Nigeria, Govt of Qatar, MTN Nigeria and Govt of Pakistan. He has successfully Trained thousands of personals working across various companies worldwide and regarded as one of best trainer in his field. Processional development by Mannan always add value to knowledge and experience.

    Contact him on LinkedIn here: Abdul Mannan

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