Technical writing in the information age

Saqib Sadiq, B.Sc. Software Development
Begin your journey to master technical writing. This course is part of 3 course series. Check out the details here.
Technical writing in the information age - Person 28 4.54 28
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Course Description

This course is part of 3 course series. Check out the details here.

Do you have a passion for technology? Do you have a passion for writing? Well now you can combine your passions! Introducing the wonderful world of technical writing. Learn how you can become a valued member of any tech team, even if you do not have any prior experience. See how you can contribute towards creating useful documentations, such as user manuals, training material and so much more!

Course Goals

After taking the foundation course, students will be able to communicate effectively in a technical workplace.


The audience for this course is any junior member of a software team that wishes to make a contribution. This is especially useful for people who are not too technical minded, meaning they have trouble with complex code. They are more suited to quality assurance and documentations activities. Also, an established technical expert can benefit if they are being held back in their career due to poor communication skills. Often times a person may be technically sound but may find it difficult to satisfy management or the business team. With this course these shortcomings can be addressed.

Topics Covered

  • Communicating in the Technical Workplace
  • Working in Teams
  • Managing Ethical Challenges

  • Requirements

    This course is part of 3 course series. Check out the details here.

    This course does not require any prior knowledge or coursework. However, it will be helpful if you have a basic understanding of the English language, as well as mastery over the mechanics of writing English (e.g. grammar, punctuation, etc.). Lastly students should be familiar with communication tools such as mobile phones, email, voice messaging etc.

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    Saqib Sadiq has completed his BSC in software development from The university of Huddersfield. He is currently working as instructor in one of the leading academic institutes in Pakistan. He has the privilege of working with his students over the past 3 years. He is able to bring his wealth of knowledge and industry experience into the classroom. This allows students to benefit from what he has learned over the years. When attend his course, you will always feel more inspired and informed. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here Saqib Sadiq

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    What you will get upon completion

    You will develop a general awareness on technical writer. After course completion, you can also get a course certificate for a fee that you can show to your prospective or current employer to demonstrate your proof of competency and skill on this subject.

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    Technical writing in the information age - Person
    28 4.54 28
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