The Power of Attitude in Positive Thinking

Beenish Farooq Butt Cert. Change Coach(Gem Intl) & Cert. Trainer(Navitus)
Understanding role of attitude in positive thinking and shaping your future
The Power of Attitude in Positive Thinking - Person 6 4.67 6
Master the art of positive thinking
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As we know how fast technology is growing ,demands are changing, every single day comes with a new challenge, the focus of world has been changed altogether. There is only survival of the fittest. In this situation we all are in need to revisit our professional goals with a positive mind set towards change. This course is designed to help to acquire that positive mindset towards change.

Main idea behind the course is :
1st : to create the awareness what positive thinking is and how does an attitude effect one’s thinking pattern.
2nd: how does an emotion, feeling, belief and action together plays a role in forming an attitude of a person.
3rd:A motivational video to help understand the role of attitude in one’s success.

We will learn few techniques, which are the ones from our daily routine but we are not aware that how beneficial it can be to recall and use them consciously. It is not odd or bad to feel negative/less energetic/less motivated about anything , it’s all natural, BUT, the thing to focus is that if it a right time/way/platform to show your attitude to showcase how you feel or there is any better way out to leave a mark. This course will help you to put right focus on right thing at right time. This world is a better place with little conscious effort. Happy learning.

Course Goals

After taking the course, students will be better aware that how can they keep themselves positive and peaceful while being in difficult situation. They will be able to witness improved energy , motivated, happy , focused and better relationship officially/ personally with clear mind. It’s a soft skill course, which is helpful to motivate one to peruse any career of his/her choice.


Anyone who thinks he is in need to improve his/her attitude towards life.

Topics Covered

  • What is Positive Thinking
  • What is role of Attitude in Positive Thinking
  • Components of Attitude
  • Where do I lack
  • How to acquire right Attitude

  • Requirements

    60 free minutes without interruptions and good internet connectivity, paper & pen. Learning mindset.


    Contact her on LinkedIn here: Beenish Farooq

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    What you will get upon completion

    You will develop a deep understanding of role of attitude in positive thinking and shaping your future. A certificate is also provided for a fee.

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    The Power of Attitude in Positive Thinking - Person
    6 4.67 6
    4.67 out of 5 stars

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